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Urenco’s Richie Lecture showcases the amazing achievements of women in STEM

18 December 2019

On 3 December 2019, Urenco hosted its sixth annual Richie Lecture at the Science Museum in London.

Entitled ‘The XX Factor’, the event was designed to engage and inspire young people in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) by looking at the amazing achievements of six women in STEM, including the first and youngest woman in space, Valentina Tereshkova.

More than 100 secondary school students had the opportunity to hear from Wendy Sadler MBE, a leading voice on STEM and diversity. Through interactive demonstrations, the students discovered the pioneering work of the six women, and the modern day scientists and engineers they inspired along the way.

The students also enjoyed the Urenco sponsored Wonderlab: The Equinor Gallery, which features more than 50 immersive exhibits, shows and demonstrations.

Sarah Howe, Interim Director of Communications at Urenco, comments:

“Urenco is committed to inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers, and through our Richie programme, we want to encourage as many young people as possible to pursue a career in STEM.

“Last year, only 22% of people working in STEM were women so for this year’s Richie Lecture we wanted to showcase some of the fantastic achievements of women. We hope we’ve shown the exciting career opportunities available to all students.”

Urenco’s Richie programme has reached more than a quarter of a million students worldwide. Find out more about the programme here.

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About Urenco

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Using centrifuge technology designed and developed by Urenco, the Urenco Group provides safe, cost effective and reliable uranium enrichment services for power generation within a framework of high environmental, social and corporate responsibility standards.


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