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Our Code of Conduct banner

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct banner

Our Code of Conduct

High ethical standards

Working for or with Urenco means adopting high ethical standards to ensure that we carry out our business professionally, fairly and with complete integrity. This enables us to protect the long term interests of our employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and local communities.

Our Code

The Code of Conduct contains ethical standards to serve the needs of our workforce, customers, suppliers, communities and other key stakeholders.

It sets out the expected standards of behaviour and provides a range of resources and practical, relevant guidance.

There is a complementary Code of Conduct for our suppliers.

Our supplier code of conduct is also available in Dutch and German:

Our Code of Conduct banner

Speak-out culture

It is fundamentally important Urenco has a strong speak-out culture to address any actions which may be illegal, in breach of regulations or the Code of Conduct, or place people or the company at risk.

We have a Speak-Out procedure, which ensures: 

  • Concerns are dealt with in a timely, sympathetic, fair and effective manner.
  • Anonymity is maintained and those who speak-out are fully protected against any form of retaliation or negative consequences.
  • A fair process for all parties involved.

NAVEX GLOBAL, an external organisation, operates an independent speak-out hotline and reporting platform:


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