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Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values

Our purpose, vision, mission and values drive our strategic objectives and determine the culture of our organisation.

Our purpose

To be viewed as a respected, resilient and trusted supplier, believing that nuclear power is an essential part of the energy mix toward a more sustainable future. Through the use of our technology and expertise, we have a duty to help ensure everyone has the energy to succeed.

Our vision

To be a trusted leader in meeting the world’s demand for sustainable energy.

Our mission

Through the expertise of our people, our technology and our portfolio of products and services, we play an essential role in delivering the energy to succeed.

Our values


We are proud of keeping our people, the community and the environment safe and secure from harm, and maintaining the reputation of our industry, products and services.


We are honest, fair and respectful in how we conduct our business.


We entrust our people to develop and support our leading role in the industry by being accountable, inclusive, collaborative and effective communicators.


We have the energy, expertise and flexibility needed to help our customers and our business succeed over the long term.


We support the delivery of a successful, long term future by continuing to invest in our people, communities, technology and services, and returning value for our shareholders.


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