Global Operations

Our offices

Urenco Limited and Urenco Enrichment Company

Urenco Limited’s head office is located in Stoke Poges, UK. Urenco’s subsidiary, Urenco Enrichment Company, responsible for sales, supply and logistics, is primarily based here along with other business functions.

Urenco Inc. and Urenco USA Inc.

Urenco Inc. and Urenco USA Inc., both Delaware registered companies, are based in Arlington, USA. Urenco Inc. markets our enrichment services and fuel cycle products and Urenco USA Inc. owns our US enrichment facility in New Mexico, Eunice.

Our enrichment facilities

Urenco Deutschland

Our German enrichment facility is located in Gronau. Its current production capacity is 3,900 tSW/a. Central Technology Group, responsible for enhancing the operation of Urenco’s centrifuge technology, is also based at Urenco Deutschland.

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Urenco Nederland

Our Dutch enrichment facility is located in Almelo. Its current production capacity is 5,200 tSW/a. Our stable isotopes business is also based at Urenco Nederland.

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Urenco UK

Our UK enrichment facility is located in Capenhurst. Its current production capacity is 4,600 tSW/a. Our subsidiaries dedicated to overseeing our work in responsible nuclear stewardship are also based at our Capenhurst site.

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Our US enrichment facility is located in Eunice, New Mexico. It is the only operating commercial enrichment facility in the US with a current production capacity of 4,900 tSW/a.

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Our services

Urenco ChemPlants

Urenco ChemPlants will operate our new Tails Management Facility in the UK, which will deconvert the by-product of enrichment into a more stable form for long term storage for future enrichment or final disposal.

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Urenco Nuclear Stewardship

Urenco Nuclear Stewardship Limited is responsible for the management of nuclear materials, decommissioning and recycling.

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Urenco Stable Isotopes

Urenco Stable Isotopes draws on our expertise and capabilities in centrifuge technology to produce stable isotopes for medical, industrial and research applications.

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U-Battery is a conceptual design for a micro modular reactor being developed by a consortium of partners including Urenco.

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