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    Key facts


    Our facility is located in Almelo, Netherlands.


    We began operations in 1973.

    5,200 tSW/a

    Our current production capacity is 5,200 tSW/a.

    Ad Louter

    The facility's Managing Director is Ad Louter.


    We employ more than 300 people.

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    Urenco Nederland is Urenco’s Dutch enrichment facility. We are very proud that based on our employee survey results, we have been awarded best employer in the Netherlands in 2015, 2017 and 2019 in the category of energy, water and telecom.

    By providing enrichment services for utility customers worldwide, we play an essential role in the global nuclear fuel cycle, which supports the production of clean and reliable energy.

    Find out more about the nuclear fuel cycle here.

    Two enrichment plants, SP4 and SP5, are in operation. Our former plants, SP1, SP2 and SP3 have been fully decommissioned and brought back to green field sites. SP5, began operations in 2000 and produces more than 80% of Urenco Nederland’s total production capacity.


    Urenco Nederland is one of Urenco’s first enrichment facilities, along with our enrichment facility in the UK, Urenco UK. Since 1973, we have used centrifuge technology designed and deployed by Urenco to enrich uranium. In 1975, Urenco delivered on its first SWU contract from pilot plant production in Urenco Nederland and Urenco UK and in 1977, our first commercial scale plant at Urenco Nederland was formally installed.

    Urenco Stable Isotopes

    Urenco Nederland is unique because besides uranium enrichment we also use our centrifuge technology to produce a variety of stable isotopes for medical, industrial and research applications. Each year, more than 100,000 patient treatments are performed using nuclear medicines produced with Urenco's stable isotopes.

    Find out more about Urenco Stable Isotopes here.

    Urenco Stable Isotopes image Urenco Stable Isotopes image

    Supporting our local communities

    Supporting and engaging regularly with our local communities is key to our approach to sustainability. We sponsor various sporting and cultural activities throughout the year and volunteer to support residents, schools and charities.

    Nurturing an interest in science and engineering amongst young people is also a key part of what we do. Every year, we facilitate science workshops and other educational activities for local schools. Our major educational project for the past year has been supporting the British Science Association (BSA) with the international expansion of their CREST Awards initiative, a scheme that inspires young people to engage with science and engineering through project work. We have launched our own CREST Discovery resource in the Netherlands, Clasroom2030, which is the first CREST Awards resource targeted at schools outside the UK,

    Classroom2030 can be downloaded here.

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    Visit us

    Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our site tours have been suspended until further notice.

    We invite you to find out more about our enrichment facilities via our virtual tour.

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