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Inclusion & Diversity

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Inclusion & Diversity

At Urenco we are proud of the great skills, experience and commitment of the diverse range of people who work with us. We recognise having a diverse workplace in which different voices are heard and accepted encourages our employees to actively engage in their work environment and build strong relationships with their colleagues, resulting in higher levels of job satisfaction, productivity, staff retention and overall business success. 

Read our inclusion and diversity statement

Our goals

In 2021, we launched our first ever global demographic and inclusion survey to better understand how we can support our workforce. We ran the survey again in 2022 and plan to run it on an annual basis.  Findings from the survey have established themes we need to address and we have used this feedback to underpin the development of Urenco’s robust Inclusion & Diversity (I&D) strategy and goals for 2022-2025.

In summary we will:

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Increase the proportion of women and colleagues from other under-represented groups in leadership roles: >30% women in senior roles A - D by 2025. Continuously challenge the status quo and develop new ways to create a diverse, representative workforce at all levels.

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Increase the proportion of employees from under-represented groups to be included in internal selection processes for promotion and succession planning: >30 - 40% under-represented group identified as successors for senior roles A - D by 2025. 

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Increase the proportion of employees from under-represented groups in external recruitment efforts, while continuing to select solely on merit: >40% under-represented group candidates hired by 2025.

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Ensure Urenco is an inclusive and welcoming environment for all, with employees who are empowered to voice opinions and raise issues.

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Ensure managers at all levels demonstrate effective leadership with due regard to inclusion and diversity, and receive training in inclusive leadership: >95% of managers will undergo training on Inclusive Leadership by end of 2023.

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Deliver relevant processes  including, but not limited to, recruitment, learning and development, succession planning and reward in a way that promotes equality and respects inclusion and diversity.

Improving our gender balance

Improving the gender mix within the business is a priority for Urenco and we have updated our goals linked to retention, inclusion, development (including training), succession planning and recruitment. Our Gender Pay Gap Report not only provides our gender pay gap data for our UK legal entities, but also sets out our annual targets and progress against the global goals we have set ourselves to increase diversity in our workforce.

You can see all of our previous reports on our dedicated page or read our latest report below.

Read our Gender Pay Gap Report 2023
Inclusion & diversity banner

Championing I&D

Urenco is committed to creating an inclusive and diverse workforce which is vital for our continued success in meeting the world’s demand for sustainable energy. We have I&D Champions in place across the organisation, with a lead champion for each location, and we are committed to providing regular I&D awareness training to all employees. Our annual I&D calendar encourages conversations on thought-provoking topics, helping to increase awareness and understanding so we can learn together with the aim of minimising any stigma and accepting that we’re all different.


We run global guest speaker sessions, listening sessions with our executive sponsor for I&D, lively roundtable discussions, and share stories and experiences on our staff intranet to engage our employees on important issues. We also have a global reciprocal mentoring programme encouraging further I&D discussions.  We hold annual global I&D conferences showcasing speeches from I&D experts in leading external organisations, and recognise and celebrate important I&D work carried out across all of our sites and locations with annual awards.

Our employee networks

In 2022 we expanded our global employee network groups, which now include the Women’s Network, Carer’s Network, Pride at Urenco, Young Person’s Network, Neurodiversity Support Network and Ethnic Diversity Employee Network. Each group acts as a support mechanism for all employees, which aims to raise awareness of potential issues, improve the working environment and boost employee morale.

Scroll through the slider below to find out about each network or watch our 'Why I Belong' video to hear from network members.

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  • Carer's Network

    Our Carer's Network aims to complement the existing support that is in place throughout Urenco. An informal network for all carers, it provides a safe place to talk and share experiences, resources and knowledge. The power of being listened to cannot be underestimated, especially when facing challenges as a carer. 

  • Ethnic Diversity Employee Network

    The Ethnic Diversity Employee Network (EDEN) is a platform which advocates for the welfare of ethnically diverse colleagues at Urenco. The network aims to champion the cultural diversity within the company by celebrating key events, including Black History Month, Ramadan and Diwali. The group hopes to nurture meaningful connections in ways that will foster a strong sense of belonging, ultimately making Urenco a more inclusive place to work. 

  • Neurodiversity Support Network

    Neurodiversity Network is the newest of our employee networks, which creates a positive and welcoming forum for discussion, sharing concerns, experiences, ideas and opportunities. They seek to raise awareness around the challenges faced by neurodiverse people in the workplace and champion tools and solutions to improve accessibility and productivity. This includes tools such as the Recite Me accessibility toolbar, which you can see on the top right hand side of all our website pages.

  • Pride at Urenco

    The Pride at Urenco Network is an informal network for members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies at Urenco. In 2022 this network introduced rainbow lanyards for all employees to wear and show support of the Pride at Urenco network. Its core organising team is made of representatives from all offices and sites, who work to raise awareness of key dates and issues internally as well as working with external LGBTQ+ networks to learn best practice and support a more inclusive and diverse nuclear industry. 

  • Women's Network

    Our Women’s Network aims to help women, their colleagues and the business to succeed through networking, mentoring and knowledge sharing. By providing a safe space to raise awareness of issues, share experiences, receive advice and inspiration from role models, the group represents women at Urenco and acts as a support mechanism that can help to improve the working environment and boost employee confidence.

  • Young Person's Network

    Urenco's Young Persons Network (YPN) is a group-wide support network for early-career employees, young professionals, and the much needed supporters of this talented group. This is a fantastic opportunity for early-career employees to broaden their network and knowledge of Urenco and the wider nuclear industry. The network has an internal and external focus, looking to drive activities within Urenco, but also expanding wider to other organisations such as the Nuclear Institute’s Young Generation Network in the UK.

Our I&D partners

We recognise that the journey to a truly diverse workplace starts far before the point employees walk through our doors. That is why we have many initiatives and partners that aim to increase the accessibility of the nuclear industry to those who are typically underrepresented. Through our Richie education programme, we aim to encourage both boys and girls to consider Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) careers.

In addition to our own efforts, we also support several companies and initiatives that aim to improve the accessibility of education and careers in the nuclear industry for women and other underrepresented groups. 

Find out more about our partnerships


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