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Our culture

Our culture banner

Our culture

Our values

Our purpose, vision and mission drive our strategic objectives, but it is our values that determine the culture of our organisation.

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We are proud of keeping our people, the community and the environment safe and secure from harm and maintaining the reputation of our industry, products and services.

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We are honest, fair and respectful in how we conduct our business.

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We entrust our people to develop and support our leading role in the industry by being accountable, inclusive, collaborative and effective communicators.

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We have the energy, expertise and flexibility needed to help our customers and our business succeed over the long term.

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We support the delivery of a successful long term future by continuing to invest in our people, communities, technology and services and return value for our stakeholders.

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Our values are reflected in our Code of Conduct, which comprehensively covers the ethical standards we should be accountable for.

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Developing an inclusive culture

Through our long term culture programme we are working towards ensuring our culture is fully inclusive – an environment where all voices are heard, and diversity can thrive – which will enable us to make positive progress on delivering on our priorities.

Over the past couple of years, feedback from our people has informed our focus on four priorities to improve our culture:

Clarity and leadership; Clarity on our direction, goals & roles and providing the right leadership at the right time.

Empowered and accountable to deliver; Improved personal reviews & feedback and removal of unnecessary red-tape.

Learning organisation; Adopt a growth mindset, increase levels of employee involvement, best practice sharing & applying external ideas.

Promoting a positive overall employee experience; Modernise systems & practices and improve workplace environments ensuring inclusion for all.

Find out about inclusion and diversity at Urenco

Our behaviours

To deliver on these four priorities it is vital that we all aspire to the same high standard of behaviours. After organisation wide consultation with employees, we developed the below behaviours that link to our values and Code of Conduct.

We expect our leaders to be role models for these behaviours, inspiring our employees to exhibit them in their daily working lives. Ultimately, all employees will be reviewed against them, with how people do their jobs considered to be just as important as what they do.


One Urenco

Actively collaborates to form winning teams

Embodies transparency, respect and inclusivity


Act today for tomorrow

Acts consciously with a broader and longer term perspective in mind

Embraces continuous improvement and innovation


Own our results

Empowers by holding self and others accountable

Ensures physical and psychological safety and maintains integrity

Listening to our workforce

To ensure all voices are heard at Urenco, we provide multiple feedback opportunities for our employees.

In addition to streamlined processes for dealing with concerns both formally and informally, we monitor our progress on cultural improvement through a new, agile employee feedback platform called ‘Your Voice’, which pulse surveys staff in order observe any trends that need addressing. 

We also run our European Forum, which seeks to inform and consult employees on matters of a pan-European nature. It provides an opportunity for colleagues to raise questions and concerns directly with our senior management and CEO, which helps to shape future decision making.

In 2021, we launched our first ever global demographic and inclusion survey as part of our culture programme to better understand how we can support our workforce. Findings from the survey have established themes we need to address and we have used this feedback to underpin the development of Urenco’s robust I&D strategy and goals for 2022-2025. Visit our inclusion and diversity page to find out more.

Our culture programme also features a strong I&D calendar, which encourages conversations on thought-provoking topics around our themes. As part of this we run global guest speaker sessions, listening sessions with our executive sponsor for I&D, lively roundtable discussions, and share stories and experiences on our staff intranet to engage our employees on important issues.

Celebrating our colleagues

At Urenco we want to make sure all of our employees are rewarded and recognised for the excellent work they carry out. In addition to performance related pay increases and bonuses, we celebrate the exceptional work of our colleagues through award events such as Celebrating U. Colleagues from across the company are nominated for their contributions to Urenco’s success and shortlisted employees attend a three day event in a European city that includes an awards dinner and cultural activities.

Employees are also rewarded for additional activities they take on and for acting in line with our behaviours. For example, at our inclusion and diversity conference we presented awards for ‘Outstanding Contribution to Inclusion & Diversity’ to our I&D Champions and colleagues to celebrate the important I&D work they carry out across all of our sites and locations.

We also reward safe behaviour through allocating safety coins to individuals that display a conscious effort to keep themselves and others safe, such as reporting near misses or identifying ways to make our workplace safer. These can be kept or exchanged for complementary food and drinks at our cafes.



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