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Key facts


Our facility is located in Capenhurst, UK.


We began operations in 1973.

4,600 tSW/a

Our current production capacity is 4,600 tSW/a.

Lynton Simmonds

The facility’s Managing Director is Lynton Simmonds.


We employ more than 300 people.

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Located in Capenhurst, Urenco UK operates three enrichment plants, which enable nuclear power stations around the world to generate electricity. The largest of the three plants, E23, produces more than 80% of the facility’s enrichment capacity.


Urenco UK is one of Urenco’s first enrichment facilities, along with our enrichment facility in the Netherlands, Urenco Nederland. Since 1973, we have used centrifuge technology designed and deployed by Urenco to enrich uranium. In 1975, Urenco delivered on its first SWU contract from pilot plant production in Urenco UK and Urenco Nederland and in 1977, our first commercial scale plant at Urenco UK was formally installed.

Urenco UK has been a wholly owned subsidiary of Urenco Limited since 1993, following a restructuring of the Urenco organisation.

Socio-economic impact analysis

In 2018, the University of Central Lancashire carried out a socio-economic impact analysis of Urenco’s UK enrichment facility and global head office located close to London in the UK.

It stated that:

“The greatest contribution made by Urenco, in terms of supplier spend, salaries, workforce and new facility development, is clearly concentrated in the North West and North Wales. In the region that is home to the UK civil nuclear industry and the emerging ‘Nuclear Arc’. From Sellafield to Wylfa, Urenco remains a significant presence and contributor of substantial value to the region and industry.”

Supporting our local communities

As a good corporate citizen, we provide regular transparent communications and dialogue with our community stakeholders.

We also support our local communities through both practical and financial initiatives. In 2017, our employees spent more than 350 hours volunteering in Cheshire and the surrounding areas.

Supporting our local communities image Supporting our local communities image

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