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Sustainability banner
  • Sustainability banner

    Sustainability is integral to everything we do at Urenco

    Sustainability is embedded within Urenco. From the valuable contribution we make to the low carbon economy, to the socially responsible way we conduct our business. It shapes our customer partnerships, informs our efforts to meet demand and guides our decision making at all levels. It also helps us balance long term commercial success with good corporate citizenship. 

    Our focus areas

    Health and safety, safeguards and security

    Health and safety, safeguards and security are critical to the long term wellbeing of our people, our wider stakeholders and our business as a whole. To ensure we deliver on our commitments, we aim for continuous improvement in our policies, processes and performance in this area.

    Environmental impact

    We are committed to minimising our environmental impact. We continue to achieve greater efficiencies in all areas of our operations and day to day activities. To help reduce our impact on the environment, we undertake a broad range of measures focused on energy efficiency, emissions, waste and water usage.

    Supplier of choice

    We have always prided ourselves on the strength of our customer relationships and the quality, flexibility and reliability of our enrichment services. Our global reach and diversity of supply means we are well placed to meet the needs of our customers around the world.

    Employee engagement

    Having a capable and engaged workforce is a vital part of our sustainability programme. Our aim is to recruit and retain talented people who can help us deliver outstanding customer service and achieve long term commercial success.

    Community engagement

    Ensuring local communities are supported and engaged is a core part of our sustainability approach. As a good corporate citizen, Urenco provides regular transparent communications and dialogue with community stakeholders.

    Asset integrity

    Asset integrity is about protecting our investments. To ensure that our plant systems continue to function reliably and effectively, they need to be closely monitored and rigorously maintained. Through ongoing commitment to asset integrity, we aim to have the right tools and processes in place to safeguard our investments.


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