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Training and development

Training and development banner

Training and development

Urenco is committed to employing individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and experiences to allow us to build a diverse and innovative team. So even if you have no previous experience within the energy sector or do not fully meet the job specification, we encourage you to apply for our roles.

We will provide training and a career path to develop knowledge about Urenco and our project methodology. We are also able to cross-train people to cover any gaps in their current capabilities. Scroll through our training options below to find out more.

Training and development banner

Our training

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  • Professional courses

    Whatever stage you are at in your career, we want to make sure that you have the right qualifications to take that next step. You may be looking to enhance your knowledge in a specialist area, or take a course to become a chartered professional in your discipline.

    Our performance management process helps you to highlight areas that you would like to develop and identify courses or qualifications that we can support you through in order to help you in your role or progress your career journey.

  • Soft skill & IT development

    All of our employees are provided with opportunities to improve their soft skills, which are not only vital to the workplace, but can be invaluable at home too. Decision making, organisation and stress management are just some of the skills that we support you in honing through various training courses and workshops to ensure you feel equipped to deal with both your work and home life.

    We also provide training that enables you to level up your general IT skills. So if you aren't as confident as you would like to be with Microsoft Excel, or feel you could be using Outlook more efficiently, we provide a variety of courses that will give you that tune up you have been looking for.

  • Leadership training

    Supporting our managers and directors to improve their leadership capabilities is a priority for us. Our Global Leadership Programme aims to develop skilled, aligned and energised leaders who are committed and willing to learn, and to hone the skills they will need as our business continues to evolve. We work with external training experts that provide us with world class executive leadership development through a combination of academic expertise and industry aligned research which is tailored to meet our specific challenges. 

    For those who are first-time managers or middle managers, or who have not received formal leadership training since becoming a line manager, we provide training that covers the essential principles and frameworks of leadership to equip them to manage their teams effectively across Urenco.

  • Awareness information and training

    The wellbeing of our employees is of the utmost importance. That's why alongside our first aid and fire warden training, we also offer the opportunity to train as a mental health first aider in the UK as well as providing numerous expert talks across a variety of topics.

    In the past these have raised awareness about health issues such as prostate cancer, depression and menopause, and offered insights into different religions and the LGBTQ+ community. This ties in with our inclusion and diversity initiatives - visit our I&D page to find out more.

  • Mentoring

    We recognise that not all learning needs require formal training courses as it is often more beneficial to adopt a practical hands on approach. Our employees benefit from several types of mentoring initiatives at Urenco, which provide internal one-to-one support for maximising potential, developing skills, improving performance or focusing on personal development.

    As part of Urenco’s Inclusion and Diversity programme, “Including U: Mind 2 Mind” is a mentoring programme tailored to enhance inclusivity within our workplace. This initiative groups individuals with different perspectives, allowing each participant to share their diverse, unique experiences with their team. The aim is to create a space for active discussion and reflection in order to help our culture evolve.

Launch your career with us

Are you looking to start your career in the sustainable energy sector? Whether you have just finished school, are studying at university or have completed your degree, we have multiple routes that you can take to dive into this exciting and fascinating industry. For more information about our apprenticeships, internships and graduate roles, email

Interested in what it is like to work with us? Hear from our colleagues on our Life at Urenco page.

Ready to join us? View our roles


At Urenco, we are proud to offer a range of apprenticeships across our European sites. Each of our schemes leads on to the relevant technical and professional qualifications in order to develop career potential. We look for talented people who have achieved a good level of education and can also demonstrate a keen desire to learn and grow with the business.

Training and development banner


We have a variety of positions that you can apply for as part of a formal university internship placement or a summer placement outside of your university programme.

From getting hands on as an electrical engineer to balancing the sheets in our finance department, internships at Urenco vary in length from 6 weeks to 12 months. All interns are given the opportunity to receive one-to-one mentoring and are provided with necessary soft skills development.

We understand you will need to continue with your education once your placement has finished, but we don't want this to mean goodbye forever. It is our ambition to offer successful interns a permantent position at a graduate or entry level at Urenco post qualification - many of our interns have followed this route and are now progressing their careers with us.

Training and development banner


Urenco employs graduates from a range of disciplines - from science and engineering fields that our core business of enriching uranium requires, to business related degrees that enable our support functions.

Our graduates come into entry roles for a period of one to two years after they have completed a bachelors degree. During this time you can expect to gain practical experience while being supported to develop in your role through robust training and mentoring.

We tailor training plans to meet the needs of the specific discipline/field you are working in and, where possible, assist in gaining experience aligned to your discipline's chartership standards to further support you in your continuous professional development.

We always hope that following a successful placement, our graduates will be able to take on a permenant position with us. 

Training and development banner


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