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Key facts


Our facility is located in Gronau, Germany.


We began operations in 1985.

3,900 tSW/a

Our current production capacity is 3,900 tSW/a.

Joachim Ohnemus

The facility’s Managing Director is Joachim Ohnemus.


We employ more than 300 people.

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Urenco Deutschland is Urenco’s German enrichment facility. It is located close to the Dutch/German border in North Rhine Westphalia, around 40km from our Dutch enrichment facility, Urenco Nederland.

At our facility, we enrich uranium for low carbon power generation using centrifuge technology designed and deployed by Urenco. Like all our enrichment facilities, we operate within a framework of high environmental, social responsibility and corporate governance standards.

Sustainability is at the very heart of who we are and what we do. Nuclear power plays an important role in meeting the world’s low carbon energy demands and its production requires processes that are efficient, safe and cost effective.

Urenco Deutschland's environmental statements are available here.


The first enrichment plant at Urenco Deutschland began operations in August 1985. By the beginning of 1998, the plant reached its original capacity of 1,000 tSW/a. In February 2005, a license for a second enrichment plant was granted, allowing for our current production capacity.

Supporting our local communities

We have a long history of supporting our local communities. We regularly offer both practical and financial support, which includes a programme of employee volunteering. We are particularly proud of our annual Safety Day. Every year, we invite employees, their families and members of the community, including local companies, to spend a day focused on safety. We organise interactive activities and games to highlight the importance of safety at work, at home and whilst travelling.

Visit us

We are pleased to offer free visits to our German enrichment facility, enabling visitors to see first hand what we do. Visits include an educational presentation in our Information Centre and a site tour with an experienced guide. Visitors can also visit the Urenco Deutschland library, which opened in 2014. Books on our history and essential role in the nuclear fuel supply chain are available to browse or borrow.

If you are interested in visiting Urenco Deutschland, please email

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Central Technology Group

Central Technology Group (CTG), a division of Urenco Limited, is also based at Urenco Deutschland.

Formed in 2007, CTG is responsible for developing a common design for Urenco’s enrichment facilities. It also protects and enhances the operation of Urenco’s centrifuge technology.

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