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Our Board and committees banner

Our Board and committees

Our Board and committees banner

Our Board and committees

Our Board of Directors

Urenco’s Board manages overall control of the organisation’s affairs and is responsible to the shareholders for key policies and strategic direction. The Board meets regularly to consider matters specifically reserved for its decision. These include the approval of the strategic business plan, budget and financial statements, major capital projects, acquisitions and disposals, significant regulatory issues, and important policies around environmental and health and safety issues.

View a breakdown of our Board's expertise
  • Stephen Billingham image

    Stephen Billingham


  • Boris Schucht image

    Boris Schucht

    Chief Executive Officer

  • Ralf ter Haar image

    Ralf ter Haar

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Frank Weigand image

    Frank Weigand

    Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Audit Committee

  • Miriam Maes image

    Miriam Maes

    Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Sustainability Committee

  • Mel Kroon image

    Mel Kroon

    Non-Executive Director and Chair of the Remuneration and Appointments Committee

  • Alan Bevan image

    Alan Bevan

    Non-Executive Director

  • Justin Manson image

    Justin Manson

    Non-Executive Director

  • Michael Harrison image

    Michael Harrison

    Non-Executive Director

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Our committees

Together with external advisers as appropriate, the Board considers in further detail issues of particular complexity through regular meetings of the Audit Committee, Sustainability Committee, Remuneration and Appointments Committee (whose members are drawn from the Board) and special working groups where required.



The Audit Committee's role is to monitor, on behalf of the Board, Urenco's financial reporting and the integrity of our financial statements and systems of internal control, including financial, operational, compliance and risk management. The Committee provides updates and, where appropriate, recommendations to the Board on these matters.

Terms of reference

Remuneration and Appointments Committee


The Remuneration and Appointments Committee ensures that the Chair of the Board and Executive Directors are individuals who can to meet the requirements of the role. The Committee is also responsible for the remuneration arrangements for the Chair of the Board and Executive Directors, in order to offer every encouragement to enhance the organisation’s performance and deliver our strategy in a responsible manner.

Terms of reference

Sustainability Committee

The Sustainability Committee’s main areas of focus are the monitoring of key performance indicators in health, safety, environment, asset integrity, security and non-proliferation, safeguards, ethical conduct, social performance and employee engagement, including diversity and inclusion. You can find out more about Urenco's sustainability commitment on our sustainability pages.

Terms of reference


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