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Inclusion and diversity statement banner

Inclusion and diversity statement

Inclusion and diversity statement banner

Inclusion and diversity statement

Inclusion, equality and diversity are about valuing our people, at all levels, wherever they work and whatever they do.

Urenco believes that promoting and supporting inclusiveness, and making the most of diversity, is not only good for its business but also creates a safer workplace and is the right thing to do.

Organisations that embrace a diverse workforce deliver better business results. This is achieved through improved challenge from a wider range of perspectives, greater innovation, better framed strategies and decisions that are more robust.

Other key benefits include improved employee engagement, better motivation and increased effectiveness with all our stakeholders.

In particular, we have the following key aims:

  • Ensure managers at all levels demonstrate effective leadership with due regard to inclusion, equality and diversity.
  • Create an inclusive working environment where employees respect and value each other’s diversity.
  • Constantly challenge the status quo and develop new ways to improve the proportion of under represented groups, thereby creating a diverse, representative workforce at all levels.
  • Deliver relevant processes in a way that promotes equality and respects diversity and inclusion.
  • Attract new people from the widest possible talent pool, while retaining our existing talented employees.

We will monitor and review our progress both through our organisation wide employee survey and on how well we are delivering over time and against our key aims.


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