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2024 Women in Engineering Day Highlight Astrid Andara

23 June 2024

In honor of Women in Engineering Day, June 23, Urenco USA celebrates Systems Engineer Astrid Andara..

Astrid joined the Engineering department in March 2024. "Becoming a Systems Engineer at UUSA has taken my career to a new level," says Astrid. "All my team members have been so nice and supportive in helping me learn the tools I need to manage my Systems. I have also felt acceptance and support from upper management in various departments."

Astrid earned a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Louisiana State University, switching from her 11-year Paralegal career after being inspired by family members in the Electrical Engineering field. Astrid explains the switch, "While I did enjoy my job, I needed a bigger challenge in my life. I knew it would be difficult to return to school, but my kids, family, and friends were very supportive, and I was highly motivated to work hard to make my dream come true."

According to the Society of Women Engineers, only 13% of all practicing engineers are female; when asked about this low number and the possible reason, Astrid shared her thoughts on challenges women may face within the industry. "In recent years, women may have found it challenging to achieve a work-life balance that allows them to dedicate enough time to children and family." Astrid explains, "It makes sense because being an engineer is a lot of responsibility and cannot be taken lightly."

In her new role at UUSA, Astrid describes support from her supervisor and team members as tools she has been able to use to find success, "I have only been at the company for three months but have had the opportunity to be involved in several activities that have allowed me to learn quickly." Astrid adds, "I still have a lot to learn, but I believe that working at UUSA will allow me to become an experienced and well-rounded engineer with the help and support of my team and management."

When asked what advice she has for young women thinking about entering the engineering industry, Astrid encourages facing the challenges of the degree and field head-on: "My advice is to believe in yourself and accept family and friends' support to make your dream come true. Engineering is not an easy degree, but it is definitely attainable with hard work and dedication. No matter how hard classes become, do not give up. Persevere through the challenges because the rewards that come with an engineering career are worth the sacrifices."

UUSA is proud to celebrate Astrid and Women in Engineering Day and encourages anyone looking for a career in Engineering at UUSA to view our available career opportunities on the UUSA website here.


About Urenco

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