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We make Zinc68 oxide and we're pretty good at it. No reason to change that right? But then we were presented with a challenge. Could we also create Zinc68 metal powder? With our ‘no problems, just challenges’ mindset and the right set of developers, we managed to create Zinc68 metal powder. Did we mention we are the only producer in the world of Zinc68 metal powder?

So, are you looking for a specific enrichment level of an isotope or a ‘this has never been done before’ chemical form or purity? Tell us your challenge and let’s close the gap!

P.S. We don’t just make Zinc68. We create a tonne of stable isotopes for medical, industrial and research purposes, all in our state of the art facility in the Netherlands. Want to see our newest Leonardo da Vinci multi-purpose cascade for yourself? Contact us to arrange a meeting.

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