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Urenco hosts first sustainability seminar

02 November 2018

On 24 October 2018, Urenco hosted its first sustainability seminar, bringing together sustainability champions from across its business to discuss approaches to achieving best practice in sustainability data.

The seminar, which was held at the Science Museum in London, was designed to improve sustainability data collection processes in line with three themes of resilience, reliability and efficiency. It also sought to recognise employees for their excellent contribution to the programme and provide them with a better understanding of why sustainability plays a strategic role in Urenco’s future success.

Each of Urenco’s four sites and head office was represented by site data champions, whose role is to collate and interrogate data, such as energy emissions, water and waste, in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative’s sustainability standards.

They work alongside group champions, who monitor Urenco’s performance against its non-financial KPI’s in each of its six focus areas including: health & safety, safeguards and security, environmental impact, supplier of choice, employee engagement, community engagement and asset integrity.

Also in attendance were members of Urenco’s group communications team to help drive internal and external messaging on the importance of sustainability to the business and the role that the champions play in delivering a successful programme.

Jayne Hallett, Director of Corporate Communications, PR and Sustainability said:

"Sustainability is inherent to Urenco’s role as a key player in the global nuclear fuel supply chain and forms a core part of our corporate culture.

‘Our sustainability programme is driven by our people. Our sustainability champions have made great progress in embedding sustainable practices into day to day operations.

‘The seminar provided an excellent opportunity to become a more efficient, collaborative and resilient organisation in how we collate, interrogate and report our sustainability data. The champions demonstrated a strong commitment to delivering excellence in sustainability data, which was very pleasing to see.

‘Sustainability is integral to everything we do and will continue to do in the future. Global demand for electricity is accelerating. We firmly believe that nuclear power will continue to play an important role in powering our future lifestyles and ambitions."

After the seminar, a celebratory dinner was held at Urenco’s sponsored gallery, Wonderlab, at the Science Museum. Employees were given the opportunity to test the exhibits within the gallery and speak with some of the museum’s explainers who have an excellent understanding of the science behind each display. Dinner was held under the stars, within the orrery section of the gallery.


About Urenco

Urenco is an international supplier of enrichment services and fuel cycle products with sustainability at the core of its business. Operating in a pivotal area of the nuclear fuel supply chain for 50 years, Urenco facilitates zero carbon electricity generation for consumers around the world.

With its head office near London, UK, Urenco’s global presence ensures diversity and security of supply for customers through enrichment facilities in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and the USA. Using centrifuge technology designed and developed by Urenco, and through the expertise of our people, the Urenco Group provides safe, cost effective and reliable services; operating within a framework of high environmental, social and governance standards, complementing international safeguards.

Urenco is committed to continued investment in the responsible management of nuclear materials; innovation activities with clear sustainability benefits, such as nuclear medicine, industrial efficiency and research; and nurturing the next generation of scientists and engineers.


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