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Urenco at Waste Management Symposia 2022

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Urenco Nuclear Stewardship (UNS) is exhibiting at the Waste Management Symposia 2022 as part of the UK pavilion and participating in the discussion for responsible, safe and cost effective nuclear waste management solutions.

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Click on the below brochures to find out more about UNS as well as Urenco Metals Recycling.

Urenco Nuclear Stewardship brochure

Discover how UNS provides bespoke end of life-cycle management solutions to the nuclear industry.


Urenco Metals Recycling brochure

Find out more about the full lifecycle solution for metallic waste treatment centrally located in the UK.


Joining the 2000+ nuclear waste industry delegates from more than 30 countries is Senior Waste Engineer, Richard Kipling, and Waste Services Manager and RPA, Allan Wilson who are sharing learning and best practice from projects completed by Urenco Nuclear Stewardship at the Capenhurst nuclear site in the Oral sessions:

Who: Allan Wilson, Waste Services Manager and RPA
What: Optimising the Remediation End State for the B300 Floor Slab at the Capenhurst Site
When: Tuesday 08 March, 13:50-17:00 MST
Where: Track 7 – Environmental Remediation

Who: Richard Kipling, Senior Waste Engineer
What: Optimised Decommissioning and Waste Management of a Former Uranium Diffusion Plant at the Capenhurst Site
When: Thursday 10 March, 08:00-11:35 MST
Where: Track 6 – Decontamination & Decommissioning


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