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Richie education programme banner

Richie education programme

Richie education programme banner

Richie education programme

Richie education programme

About Richie

At Urenco, we are committed to promoting and advancing the fields of science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM), to improve the world. That's why we started the Richie education programme, to inspire and educate young people about STEM and to nurture the next generation of scientists and engineers.

From hosting our annual Richie Lecture to offering hands-on science workshops for students globally, we provide engaging and enriching opportunities for young people to explore the possibilities of STEM.

Richie education programme banner

Our impact

The Richie education programme forms a key part of our sustainability strategy under our social impact building block. Learn more about our sustainability strategy and sustainable development goals.

Our programme has reaches an estimated 50,000 students a year through a range of online interactive resources and in person workshops and events around the world.

These activities provide students with skills, inspiration and knowledge on a variety of STEM subjects, particularly climate change and the future energy mix needed to reduce the rate of global our planet for future generations.

Richie education programme banner

Richie for teachers

Looking to inspire your students with fun and interactive events and resources? Our teachers page provides a preview of how we run our science workshops and lectures as well as downloadable activities and projects we have created with the British Science Association.

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Richie for students

On our student pages, we break down how nuclear power works and what it’s like to work in the nuclear industry. We also have some games and quizzes to see how much students really know about the energy they use!

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Contact us

If you are interested in hearing more about how we can work with you to deliver interactive educational resources and events for students, please contact


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