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Marking National Apprenticeships Week at Urenco

10 February 2022

Urenco has been marking National Apprenticeships Week (NAW 2022), the 15th annual celebration of apprenticeships in the UK and the apprentices who take them.   

We’re proud to nurture the next generation of scientists and engineers, and now have more than 40 apprentices and graduates working across the organisation.  

Caitlin, 20, is based at our Tails Management Facility in Capenhurst, UK, and is one of 1,700 apprentices currently working in the UK civil nuclear industry. 

She is a second year Process Operator Apprentice working in a team which manages the by-product of enriched uranium. In recent times, she’s worked in the uranium oxide stores and at the cylinder handling facility. 

She started studying at a Technical Training college (TTE) before taking up a job with Urenco. 

Caitlin commented: “Having done my A-levels, it is nice to now be in the real working world. No one is my age here, and it is about getting used to working with different people from different generations, and every day is a school day. 

“I’m now able to visualise what I learn at college in a working environment.”

Caitlin previously completed A-levels in engineering, IT and product design. 

She added: “In my opinion, I would 100 per cent recommend apprenticeships to anyone instead of university. It provides you with so many opportunities – you are earning on the job and learning on the job.”

Joe, 21, is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering Apprentice, working in Maintenance at our Capenhurst site. 

He’d previously completed A-levels in maths, physics and chemistry. 

The first two years of his apprenticeship were college based with the latter two on-site. 

He commented: “Right from school, I wanted to go into engineering and I did work experience at a few different places and realised mechanical engineering was for me.”

Joe, who’s now in the final year of his apprenticeship with Urenco, took pride in the fact that he’d been based at the Tails Management Facility both before and during its commissioning. Production began at the facility in 2021. 

He commented: “I love the job. It’s great being part of such a big project. I’ve been here through the commissioning stage and we are now an active plant. 

“So it’s nice to see it up and running. That’s special.”   

Louis, 22, is a fourth year Electrical and Instrumentation Apprentice at Urenco’s Tails Management Facility.

He’s working towards a Higher National Certificate (HNC) in his last year of the apprenticeship.

Louis’ job includes such things measuring and monitoring tank levels, pressure, and equipment around the site.

He commented: “I like the fact that it’s hands-on. When I finished sixth form, I wondered about going to university or doing an apprenticeship – and my decision was based on the hands-on approach rather than the classroom.

“It puts you in a better position to get a permanent job after because you know the people, the plant and have the skills. And even if I don’t get a permanent job here, I could find one elsewhere. It sets you up in any case.”

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About Urenco

Urenco is an international supplier of enrichment services and fuel cycle products with sustainability at the core of its business. Operating in a pivotal area of the nuclear fuel supply chain for 50 years, Urenco facilitates zero carbon electricity generation for consumers around the world.

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Urenco is committed to continued investment in the responsible management of nuclear materials; innovation activities with clear sustainability benefits, such as nuclear medicine, industrial efficiency and research; and nurturing the next generation of scientists and engineers.

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