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Our process

Stable Isotopes operates as an autonomous business unit within Urenco. We run the entire process from the first contact with interested parties to supplying finished products to customers, including after sales service.

Our process starts with customers who have ideas and requests for various purposes. Working in close cooperation, our marketing and sales teams will assess your requirements. According to the product needed, our research and development department will be on hand with its considerable expertise to ensure that your product is produced to the highest quality. With one of the most advanced and modern production fleets in the world, we provide our customers with the best service in terms of product availability, quality and pricing. We complete the process with safe, reliable transportation worldwide.

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Together, we’ll find a cost-effective, high quality solution for your products. As a reliable and sustainable partner, we want clients, researchers and patients world-wide to be happy with our products and our service. Together we have the energy to succeed.

Marketing and sales

From initial R&D requests and discussions, to providing quotes and offering a regular supply of products under contract, our marketing and sales department has experience of handling all types of commercial and contractual matters. We will make sure you are provided with quick and accurate answers to your questions as part of our strong commitment to customer service.

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Our R&D knowledge is part of our DNA. Our R&D department consists of best in class specialists working in a high tech environment with leading equipment. This means we can develop high quality products and processes, which enable us to supply products at every scale requested. 


Production is undoubtedly one of our core processes and we have put immense effort in to installing and maintaining a leading, advanced and modern production fleet. Our fleet is continuously being improved and expanded and this enables us to provide our customers with the best service in terms of product availability, quality and cost-effectiveness.


We provide the logistics services required to ship our products worldwide. Our people are ADR, IATA and IMDG certified and able to provide the highest quality of logistical support.

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