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Urenco UK is located in Capenhurst, near Chester in the north west of England.

We provide the local community with long term employment in a technical environment, as well as opportunities for young people to pursue engineering and scientific careers.

Our current vacancies can be found here.

Graduates and apprenticeships


Urenco employs people from a range of graduate disciplines. In the core business, engineering and science disciplines are preferred, with finance and business related degrees sought after in our support functions. An academic achievement of a 2.1 degree or above is our normal requirement.

For further information, or to apply, please email careers@urenco.com.


For our apprenticeship schemes, Urenco looks for talented people who have achieved a good level of education and can also demonstrate a keen desire to learn and grow with the business.

Each of our schemes leads on to the relevant technical and professional qualifications in order to develop career potential.

For further information, or to apply, please email careers@urenco.com.

Graduates and apprenticeships image Graduates and apprenticeships image

Urenco UK Pension Scheme

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