Our five Values guide everything we do at URENCO - from our strategic and operational decision making to our day-to-day activities.


Uncompromising safety and respect for the environment is the very fabric of daily life in URENCO.

URENCO’s employees are dedicated to safety. Across the Group, employees demonstrate their commitment to safety by introducing new initiatives into their daily working practices. These initiatives range from safety improvements in the immediate working environment to benefits for the wider community. We operate to the highest standards of safety, environmental and security requirements.


Our utility customers continue to invest confidence in URENCO’s ability to provide a long-term and reliable supply of enrichment services; only through integrity will URENCO repay this trust and belief. URENCO is committed to conducting itself with integrity throughout all areas of its business, and in all its relationships with customers, suppliers, employees and stakeholders.


We have the flexibility to meet our daily demands and to turn challenges into opportunities as the markets around us change. Flexibility is a value close to the heart of URENCO’s employees. Throughout all business activities, Flexibility is integrated into the URENCO work ethic, enabling the Group to meet the growing demands placed upon it, internally and externally. This commitment Flexibility is reflected in the efficiency and productivity of employees across the Group. URENCO is responsive to the market to best meet our customers’ needs through the flexible deployment of our skills.


New sites, new projects, new plants and new markets are all paramount to fulfilling URENCO’s potential. URENCO is proud of its commitment to development, and through the actions of its employees, the Group has substantially grown and developed. The embracing of continuous development by our employees has been beneficial in improving effectiveness and efficiency throughout daily working practices and is evidenced by the successful site expansion projects.


It is essential that we operate profitably in order to continue with our strategy of ‘growth through investment’. The actions of all URENCO employees impact on the Group's profitability. Embracing profitability as a core Value reflects the importance of contributing to a sustained, profitable future.  URENCO's focus on ‘building for the future’ will ensure the Group’s continued profitable growth and long-term security of supply for our customers. URENCO is committed to making profits for a secure future and to reward our Shareholders and employees.

URENCO's Vision and Mission

URENCO’s Vision and Mission, combined with the work of URENCO’s employees and our core Values, ensures that the nuclear industry has reliable, affordable provision of fuel to meet future demand.