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Material Areas

Urenco adopts the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, one of the leading sustainability reporting frameworks worldwide, having previously reported to the GRI G4 Guidelines.

The main focus of the GRI Standards is materiality, which means those topics which are most relevant to our stakeholders and have the biggest impact on our operations.

  • Business, strategy and economic performance

    Our strategy is designed to strengthen and broaden our business to ensure its long-term sustainability. It is led by our Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Executive team and overseen by the Urenco Board. 

    For more information, please see our Annual Report 2019.

    Each year, we set out the organisation’s financial goals in our annual business planning process and we present our financial strategy to employees at all-hands meetings led by our CEO and Chief Financial Officer. Our Board carries ultimate responsibility for the economic performance of the company.

  • Community and education

    Supporting local community initiatives and building strong links in the areas in which we operate is a core part of our sustainability approach. Our community and education initiatives, overseen by our Director of Corporate Communications, PR and Sustainability, support our regular engagement with community stakeholders and increase their understanding of our business and industry.

    Our Richie education programme continues to inspire young people to engage with science, technology, engineering and maths subjects to nurture the next generation of talent in the nuclear industry. Since 2007, we have reached more than a quarter of a million students globally.

    See our Richie education programme page for more information.

  • Governance, regulations, compliance and security

    Our policy on corporate governance is to follow principles of strong governance and transparent reporting while demonstrating Urenco’s core values. We practise a system of full transparency where management reports regularly and comprehensively to the Board and provides extensive background information for all matters requiring Board approval.

    Our dedicated safeguards culture ensures that our work is carried out safely and within specific, internationally approved standards as governed by law. Beyond regulatory requirements, we continuously support key international safeguarding bodies to further develop safeguards methods and techniques.

  • Innovation and technology

    One of the key pillars of Urenco’s strategy is to leverage our technological capabilities to serve the nuclear industry more broadly.

    In this respect, we are confident that we can use our technological expertise to provide support to our customers to fuel all nuclear new builds, including the next generation of reactors and fuels.

    Our Executive team continually assesses market developments and consults with customers and other stakeholders to align our research and development programmes with current need and future opportunities.

    Our stable isotopes business is a key example of our work in this area. Based at our site in the Netherlands, it utilises our expertise and capabilities in centrifuge technology to produce enriched stable isotope products with social, environmental and commercial value.

    Find out more about Urenco Stable Isotopes here.

  • Safety

    Safety is a priority and a core value for Urenco. It is overseen by our Chief Operating Officer as well as the UUSA Managing Director in her capacity as Safety Sponsor and our Group Health and Safety Manager.

    Health and safety meetings are held regularly throughout the year at each enrichment facility and our Health and Safety Working Group meets once a quarter to coordinate the delivery of key initiatives.

  • Transport and logistics

    The success of our business depends upon the safe and reliable transportation of nuclear materials. Our ability to deliver products to customers from our four enrichment facilities is vital to our 100% customer delivery record.

    We are rigorous in our efforts to ensure total transport reliability and over the years we have developed robust relationships with third party logistics suppliers. We deliver products via intermodal transportation, utilising road, rail and sea.

    Responsibility for the transportation of our uranic materials lies with Urenco’s Commercial department and supply chain partners.


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