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Material Areas

Urenco adopts the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, one of the leading sustainability reporting frameworks worldwide, having previously reported to the GRI G4 Guidelines.

The main focus of the GRI Standards is materiality, which means those topics which are most relevant to our stakeholders and have the biggest impact on our operations.

  • Diversity and inclusion

    Diversity and inclusion (D&I) continues to be of high importance to us as we believe that promoting and supporting inclusiveness, and making the most of diversity, is good business. It also creates a safer workplace, enhances decision making, improves performance and most importantly is the right thing to do. Overseen by our Executive Sponsor for diversity and inclusion, we have set enhanced goals for recruitment, succession planning and training. 

    Our diversity and inclusion statement can be viewed here.

  • Employee engagement

    Through our employee engagement activities, our aim is to maintain high levels of employee commitment and satisfaction. We encourage an active and healthy lifestyle and offer flexible working, wherever possible, to help to ensure our employees maintain a positive work-life balance.

    Responsibility for this area of our work lies with our Chief Human Resources Officer.

  • Environmental impact

    We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment with initiatives covering energy efficiency, emissions, water usage and waste.

    In 2019, a number of energy savings initiatives took place across our organisation, from the implementation of energy efficient LED lighting and installation of solar panels to reducing conventional waste.

  • External engagement on nuclear

    Urenco is committed to increasing public understanding of the key role the nuclear power industry has in providing reliable, low carbon electricity.

    Our work in this area is overseen by our Director of Corporate Communications, PR and Sustainability, who helps to coordinate partnerships with industry peers to support the provision of public education initiatives for a wide variety of stakeholders.

    To help increase understanding, in 2019 we hosted more than 2,500 visitors at our enrichment facilities, including local community groups, government representatives, industry peers and customers. We also continued to provide our virtual tour for those who cannot visit in person, which offers an insight into our enrichment operations.

    Further details are available here.

  • Political landscape

    The political landscape in which we operate greatly influences our industry. We regularly monitor potential changes and engage with our stakeholders to ensure that policy decisions can be made on an informed basis and reflect the interests of those who matter most to our business.

    Our Executive Director of Strategic and Government Affairs has responsibility for this area.


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