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Monitor, control and operate uranium enrichment equipment and other production-related equipment at URENCO USA to produce enriched uranium while protecting the health and safety of the public and plant employees and preventing damage to plant equipment and structures. Below are the responsibilities in general form for an overall Operator summary of responsibilities.

Job Requirements

The ideal candidate will have a Bachelor’s degree in Science, Engineering or Energy Technology with over four years’ experience in a chemical process or operations environment.  All candidates should have excellent oral and written communication skills and be able to effectively communicate with staff members of all levels of the organization. Strong teamwork skills are needed to positively communicate company vision, values and goals while promoting the organizational culture. 

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Chemistry Analyst I, II, III or Senior

Support daily chemistry laboratory operations, environmental monitoring and radiological measurements. 


  • Operate the mass spectrometers and other chemical and radiological laboratory equipment, including set-up, operation, calibration and quality control measurements.
  • Collects site and environmental gaseous, liquid and solid samples and performs chemical and radionuclide analysis of those samples. 
  • Assures the minimization of contamination and generation of hazardous and radioactive waste in the laboratory.
  • Prepare reports for chemical analyses of UF6 production, survey and personnel monitoring programs.
  • Maintains an effective record file system.
  • Keeps the laboratory contamination log.
  • Implements the timely transfer of document test results and forms as required by procedure.
  • Performs cross-functional duties of a chemical, environmental and radiological measurement technician employing sound scientific practices to minimize the contamination and the generation of hazardous and radioactive waste. 
  • Ensures all work is performed in a manner that the radiation dose is “as low as reasonably achievable” (ALARA).
  • Performs emergency plan duties and responsibilities and participates in training exercises and drills. Includes other duties and responsibilities as directed.
  • Performs routine and event initiated occupational and environmental radiological surveys and monitoring activities.
  • Performs emergency plan duties and responsibilities and participate in training exercises and drills.
  • Includes other duties and responsibilities as directed by supervision.

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