Urenco Annual Report 2022

40 Urenco Annual report and accounts 2022 Urenco proactively advocates for the role of nuclear energy in achieving a sustainable and low carbon energy future. We recognise the importance of a science- based external approach and the 1.5°C goal of the Paris Agreement, to provide a stable framework aimed at reducing the impact of human induced climate change. In order to support making this vision and the Paris Agreement a reality, Urenco engages in dialogue with policymakers, regulators, business associations, like- minded business partners, NGOs, as well as a range of climate-focusedmembership bodies, coalitions, and stakeholder initiatives. In line with our commitment to tackle climate change and accelerate the transition to a net zero economy, Urenco is committed to conducting all its public policy engagement and advocacy work to align with and advance the Paris Agreement goals and accelerate the transition to a future with temperature increases of not more than 1.5 °C. Some highlights included: March Urenco’s Chief Commercial Officer, Laurent Odeh, attended a roundtable hosted by the then UK Prime Minister on nuclear energy to discuss energy security and how to accelerate UK nuclear projects. Laurent outlined Urenco’s ability to supply the enrichment demand for the UK’s future fleet and our plans to develop advanced nuclear fuels for the next generation of reactors, such as SMRs. May Urenco participated in a UK-US Nuclear Energy Roundtable Meeting inWashington, DC hosted by the then UK Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) secretary of state and US Department of Energy (DOE) deputy secretary. The event was held in conjunction with the secondmeeting of the UK-US Strategic Energy Dialogue – announced in June 2021 by President Biden and the former prime minister and launched in November 2021 at COP26. June Dutch Minister for Climate and Energy, Rob Jetten, visited our Almelo site, participating in a guided tour of the Urenco uranium enrichment plant, the stable isotopes plant, and the recycling centre, where processed components are overhauled and cleaned for reuse. August Urenco sponsored an Industry Forum luncheon inNewYork in conjunctionwith theTenthReviewConference of the Parties to theTreaty on theNon-Proliferation of NuclearWeapons (NPT). UrencoCEO, Boris Schucht, provided opening remarks.World NuclearAssociationDirector General, Sama Bilbao y León, presented the President of the ReviewConference,Ambassador Gustavo Zlauvinen,with a joint industry statement signed by twenty industry associations representing a broad cross-section of the nuclear industry and expressing their collective support for theNPT. Our US site, Eunice, also hosted a site tour for International Atomic EnergyAgency (IAEA) Deputy Director General and Head of Safeguards,MassimoAparo, the US Department of Energy’s (DOE) National Nuclear SecurityAdministration (NNSA) DeputyAdministrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation, Corey Hinderstein, and other participants from the IAEA, NNSAand USNuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC). September We sponsored and hosted the opening welcome reception of theWorldNuclear Symposium2022 at theVictoria andAlbert Museum in London. Our CEOBoris Schucht made an address about the importance of energy independence and security of supply as hundreds gathered for theWorld Nuclear Association flagship event.At themain conference, Chief Commercial Officer Laurent Odeh spoke on a Sustaining Fuel Supplies panel about the need for greater collaboration industry wide, to help overcome difficulties posed by the invasion of Ukraine. Our information stand also proved popular over the three days the Symposium ran for. Capenhurst hosted a site tour for DOE’s Assistant Secretary for Nuclear Energy, Dr. KathrynHuff, and other participants from theDOE.Aseparate tour was held for DOE NNSADeputyAdministrator for Defense Nuclear Nonproliferation, CoreyHinderstein, and other participants fromtheNNSA. October Urenco attended the IAEA’s International Ministerial Conference on Nuclear Power in the 21st Century held inWashington, DC. Boris Schucht moderated an International Industry Forumon the SMR Supply Chain, highlighting the challenges and opportunities for SMR deployment. November Urenco attended the 2022American Nuclear Society (ANS)Winter Meeting and Technology Expo held in Phoenix Arizona. Urenco USAPresident and CEO, and Managing Director, Karen Fili participated in the Opening Plenary Session and Head of Market Development and Technical Sales Magnus Mori, participated in a panel on fuels for advanced reactors. Urenco is a founding sponsor of ANS’Trustees of Nuclear programwhich was announced at the meeting and will support ANS’ STEMAcademy and promote education of students, policymakers and the public regarding the nuclear sector. Emilie Isaacs, Head of Government Affairs, delivered a speech and took part in a plenary session at the International Youth Nuclear Congress (IYNC) 2022 in Koriyama, Japan. This focused on the importance of nuclear advocacy and engagement, raising awareness amongst young nuclear professionals about communicating in the right way to develop trust with the wider public and stakeholders. Throughout 2022, Urenco continued with its stakeholder engagement, speaking with the right people in all our relevant geographies to advocate for the important role which nuclear, and Urenco, is undertaking in achieving climate change goals, energy independence and security. Stakeholder engagement Strategic report 01