Corporate responsibility

URENCO in the local community

URENCO understands that it cannot act in isolation of its local community. URENCO must take responsibility for the outcome of its operations by understanding how it impacts on neighbouring communities and how it can make a positive contribution.

URENCO works hard at building strong relations with the communities in which it operates. Recognising that each locality has a diverse cultural mix, support varies from charitable donations to providing educational support to local schools and colleges.

Visitor’s Centres

There are visitor's centres at URENCO's European facilities, where members of the local community can find out more out the Group's business.  Go to the 'Contact us' page if you wish to enquire about visiting URENCO.

URENCO TV features videos and interviews about URENCO and the wider nuclear industry.
Virtual tour
Welcome to the URENCO Xperience, a virtual tour of our enrichment facilities.

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